Anonymous said: If I were to give you my measurements and pictures of me could you give your opinion on wether of not you think I could model?

Probably not ! I am not actually part of the industry, it would be better if you sent them to an agency instead !

1-more-drink-please said: What are your thoughts abou Gigi Hadid??

Meh I think she’s pretty and fits with Sports Illustrated, but apart from that she’s not my favorite…

karlenciaga said: Ask: Models like Magda and Karlie aren't for VS. I'm not saying it like they don't deserve it but in my opinion they're not VS material. They belong to HF. What do you think?

I think that they are better fit for high fashion, but I do like them for VS Madga more than Karlie actually….

Anonymous said: Is candice a supermodel?

I am not really one to decide that!

Anonymous said: Ask: I was just wondering who the model in the gif on your sidebar is? She's absolutely gorgeous!

Daphne groeneveld

Anonymous said: why no confessions anymore?

I have been SO BUSY… and no promises that I will post more often maybe I should look for a co-owner….


once again ginta lapina was not in the VSFS…….. 


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Anonymous said: Who are some French models? I love your blog!

Constance Jablonski, Sigrid Agren (martinique is a colony of france so), Anais Mali, and male models the only one I know is Clement Chabernaud :)

and thanks so much!!

Anonymous said: So many haters here... All I can read through your words is jealousy. IF A MODEL IS SUCCESSFUL ACCEPT THAT. It means that model have been working hard to be where she is. I see so much hate on Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel and others. I personally admire them all because I know how hard they are working.


sorry its so small…
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i had no idea which picture was of the last season…. 
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